Thursday, May 10, 2012


oVirt platform enables you to create virtual machines that perform the same functions as physical
machines. Using a standard Web browser, users can run virtual machines that behave like physical
desktops. Multiple levels of permissions allow users with different roles to manage virtual machines to
meet the requirements of the enterprise.

The SPICE protocol allows the virtual machine to connect to the host with physical PC-like graphics
performance. It supplies video at more than 30 frames per second, bi-directional audio (for soft-
phones/IP phones), bi-directional video (for video telephony/video conferencing) and USB redirection
from the client’s USB port into the virtual machine. SPICE also supports connection to multiple
monitors with a single virtual machine.

Fedora 16 - install 64-bit Flash Player 11

Adobe finally released their native 64-bit flash plugin ... 

Fedora 16 (64-bit) how to
yum install

yum install flash-plugin.x86_64

Enjoy 64-bit flash in Fedora 16