Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOAP , REST - Web Services - on Linux with Axis2

Working with Axis2: Making a Java Class into a Service

Exposing a Database as a Web Service

Understanding Axis2 Deployment Architecture

Inserting a New Person Object

Inserting a person object also can be done using a REST call. You need to pass the id, name, address, and the age to add a new person into the table. You can pass them as URL query parameters, as you can see below.
id=130&name=Peter&address=No 5, Colombo, Sri Lanka&age=56
This will call the service and insert a new raw to the database. If you want to make sure that the new data in the database just lists all the people again, you can see the new person also in the DB.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Eclipse 3.7 Indigo - WindowBuilder

EclipseCon heralds new day for Java

You may program in C or C++.
But we're exposing everything as RESTful APIs,
so you can use any programming language you're familiar with."

Eclipse rekindles Java relationship

Due out on June 22, Indigo, or Eclipse 3.7, is slated to feature early access to the Java 7 platform's language features, such as Project Coin small language enhancements. These features would work with Eclipse Java editing tools. Also, Java tools in Indigo include WindowBuilder, which is a GUI tool designed by Instantiations; EGit 1.0, for connecting from the Eclipse workbench to the Git distribution control system, and better Maven tools, for initiating Maven builds from within the workbench. Other technologies planned for Indigo include the Eclipse IDE 3.7 and Standard Widget Toolkit 3.7.

Smartphone TOP Brands ; Developers ! Developers ! Developers !

RIM Blackberry and Nokia seems to slowly fade away ...

Ecosystems include not only the hardware and software of the device,
but developers, applications, ecommerce, advertising, search , etc ...

No more  battle of devices ? War of ecosystems ? WP7-Nokia will ever be on Top10  ?

Why ? Developers ! Developers ! Developers !
1. because Microsoft has lost already a big part of the ECOSYSTEM :          
the Windows Mobile developers who invested a lot of time in C#  
2. because Nokia has lost another big part of the ECOSYSTEM :         
the Symbian Qt & Java Developers !
3. Microsoft might put WP7 on Blackberry and the ECOSYSTEM is still lost ... 

Top 10 smartphones of 2011

01: Samsung Galaxy S II
02: Motorola Droid Bionic
03: T-Mobile LG G2X
04: Apple iPhone 4
05: HTC EVO 3D
06: HTC ThunderBolt
07: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
08: Google Nexus S
09: HP Pre 3
10: Dell Venue Pro

Top 10 smartphones of 2010

01: Sprint HTC EVO
02: Apple iPhone 3
03: Nokia N8
04: HTC Droid Incredible
05: Google Nexus One
06: Palm Pre Plus
07: T-Mobile myTouch 3G
08: RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700
09: T-Mobile HTC HD2
10: Motorola Droid


Friday, March 25, 2011

How Much Money Do Spammers Make In One Day ?

A spammer who has a botnet of infected PC can make more than  $5,000 per day ...

After deleting the 10,000th Viagra offer from your inbox, you might wonder, does anyone actually make money off this crap?

FULL Android experience on Blackberry ?


RIM PlayBook to Run 200K Gingerbread, Not Honeycomb Apps

   RIM should forget about QNX OS with Java and Android APP PLAYERS 
and consider a FULL Android OS experience for Blackberry ;
On top of Android could be an Oracle Java PLAYER ...

After Nokia dropping SYMBIAN and MeeGO , it's time for RIM to do the same
with Blackberry OS and QNX ...

In the end only two or three BIG mobile OSes will survive ...

RIM Teams up with Android

BlackBerry PlayBook to Run Android Apps: What It Means

RIM running Android apps?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ORA-WORA and ADF Mobile

ORAcle and "Write Once Run Anywhere"

Of course, in practice, WORA  has always been "write once, TEST everywhere"
you intended to deploy your chosen application.

   The Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile Client
is an extension of Oracle ADF and can be used to design applications
for Blackberries and smartphones with Windows Mobile ...

... but Microsoft no longer develops Windows Mobile ...

Why not making peace with Google and create ADF Mobile Client for Android
and everybody will be happy !

Google has taken the mobile market by storm with ANDROID
which will become THE mobile development platform in the near future ...

ORACLE should propose a deal to GOOGLE with this IDEEA :
 - Do not export DALVIK to other mobile operating systems and
we will drop the Java lawsuit 

Oracle announces mobile app development tools

 The software is designed to work with the Oracle Fusion framework but can also be used with other web services, Oracle said.


Does Write Once Run Anywhere Work?

" Write Once, Run Anywhere, a slogan created by Sun to evangelize the virtues of the Java Platform, is a controversial approach to software development.  Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) is accomplished through an abstraction layer between the 'compiled code' and the operating system and processor.  This abstraction usually takes the form of a Virtual Machine or Runtime, such as the Java Virtual Machine  ( JVM ) Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR), Flash Player (or Air runtime) "

Mobile Application Development with Oracle ADF Mobile

(New) Demo: Getting Started with ADF Mobile Client

"The developers have pretty much the same experience they would have if they were building JSF Web applications, including WYSYWIG page editors, components they can bring onto the page, declarative date binding and expression language, but instead of building out a Web page, they've building out a metadata definition for a native user interface on the mobile device."

#jdeveloper , #ADF , #mobiledev

"Based on the same programming paradigm as Java Server Faces (JSF), Oracle ADF Mobile Client delivers a highly productive, declarative development environment where the developer can work with a mix of visual editing tools and Java code to define a device-independent representation of the application."

Oracle first announced the mobile client in October 2009, and issued a technical preview in April 2010.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogging Secrets ?

Google AdSense Record Earnings


Traffic Tip #4:
Comment on Related Blogs

6 Ways to Increase Your AdSense Earnings


Debug Javascript in a funny way

asithangae: Debug Javascript in a funny way: "Debugging the javascript code is possible, we don't require any special IDE for debugging, Visual Studio is quiet suffcient. There are two m..."

Tech Links

 - scriptmanager , servicereference , BindGrid ;


    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Linux as a Rolling Stone

    @: Novell openSUSE 11.4 :
       - could be the last distro you ever actually install thanks to Tumbleweed

    Newest openSUSE Linux Offers Rolling Releases
    The newest release of Novell's openSUSE Linux debuts with LibreOffice, KDE 4.6, a zippy package management system and a new rolling release system that could eliminate the need for future big releases.

    The rolling release capability in openSUSE 11.4 is called Project Tumbleweed and for those that embrace it, it could mean the end to big milestone updates for openSUSE. 

    "The Tumbleweed repository will have a slightly higher chance of breakage than simply running a stable version," Poortvliet said. "I wouldn't recommend it to every openSUSE user, but it is easier than running Gentoo or Arch." 

    The openSUSE Build Service (OBS) is the key technology that sit behind enabling Tumbleweed for openSUSE 11.4. OBS is Novell's system for building Linux packages and is also the platform on which the openSUSE distribution is built. 

    Not Everybody is a Fan of Ubuntu

    One of the other advantages of Linux Mint Debian Edition over the Ubuntu versions is that the Debian version is a rolling release. This simply means that it is updated continuously; you never have to do another install to upgrade it as you do with the Ubuntu versions. Here’s a more detailed explanation from Wikipedia:
    In software development, a rolling release approach refers to a continuously developing software system, as opposed to one with versions that must be reinstalled over the previous versions. It is one of many types of software release life cycles. Rolling releases are typically seen in use by Linux distributions.
    A rolling release is typically implemented using small and frequent updates. However, simply having updates does not automatically mean that a piece of software is using a rolling release cycle; to qualify as a rolling release, the philosophy of developers must be to work with one code branch, as opposed to discrete versions. Updates are typically delivered to users using a package manager and a software repository accessed through the internet.

    How To Use DataGrid Webcontrol On ASP.Net Page

    An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control


    Introduction to Web Services in C#

    Different methods to call Web Services from AJAX


    Creating and Consuming .NET Web Services in 5 Easy Steps

    wsdl.exe /l:CS /n:WService /out:bin/GetSuppliers.cs  

    Consuming a Web Service using ASP.NET Ajax


     scriptmanager servicereference BindGrid

    Consuming Web Service Using ASP.NET AJAX


    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    WP7 - WTF

    WP7 : Still no update

    WP7 is not Android : there are people still waiting on froyo !
     ... and Honeycomb isn’t even in 1% of devices ...
    But on Android one can root the phone and get the latest and greatest version of Android .

    When Microsoft dropped Windows Mobile they dropped the ball 
    with POST-PC ERA !

    One might ask himself :
    If PC ERA is over,  how will the enterprise and businesses do their work?
    Only by tablets and smartphones?  

     - Well it's a way of speaking , as the time goes by ,  people will be more
    and more comfortable with the tablet and smartphone software ; 
    HP is the first one that will have the same software (WebOS) in smartphones, tablets,
    laptops, desktops and even printers !

    In the "Classified - For official use only" secrecy level - only Android
    seems to be a contender :

    Merkel-Phone: Bekommt die Kanzlerin ein Android-Handy?

    Merkel-phone: the Chancellor gets an Android phone?

     ~ ~ ~

    Has Microsoft dropped the ball with Windows Phone 7?
    The Post-PC Era Is Already Here

    La fragmentation Android n’inquiète pas Motorola
    Windows Phone 7 semble décoller en Europe

    Microsoft is bricking their customer's WP7 phones ; Businesses can't afford the amateurish, careless, and unremediable bricking of their phones. Any business that buys Windows Phone 7 is committing suicide. Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 should not be associated with the enterprise in any way at all.


    Windows Phone 7 update FAIL: Restoration error C101002E 81080080

     ... the comedy of errors ...

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Android Laptops and Desktops

    At CeBIT 2011 ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet seems to bring another concept : Laptops with Android.
    If HP has raised the bar with WebOS on laptops and desktops, I wonder when will apear the first desktop with android ... 

    Android attacks Windows in the netbook market and may win

     "Remember the netbook market? It's still alive, and Microsoft dominates it. But that bastion of Windows is about to come under attack from Android, as Asus says it will be using Android for netbooks."


    Android on top in the US, Microsoft in decline

     The latest US smartphones figures from comScore : 

    Google’s Android remains on top of the smartphone pack . This gives Android a solid 32.2 percent of the US market.
    RIM rings in at second place with 30.4 percent of the market.
    Apple’s share of the market (24.7 percent) remained largely unchanged for third place.

    So, it's quite clear that Android will be the winner in the new ERA
    after the cold war between MAC and PC ...

     . . .

    Introducing the Sony Internet TV, the world's first HDTV powered by Google TV. Easily access TV listings, web, and apps ? all from your television.

    Ext JS : Simple GridPanel

    The GridPanel is the centerpiece widget for Ext JS, a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich Internet applications. Learn the basics of loading data from a DataStore and setting up a simple GridPanel.

    Ext JS in Action

    Setting Up an Array DataStore

    • Explore the depths of Ext JS 3.0
    • Create rich and dynamic UIs

    Saki's Ext Examples Page

    Build Rich AJAX Enabled Web Applications For ASP.NET

      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      Access ASMX web services from ASPX

      - In order to access an ASMX web service from
      an ASPX page, is mangatory to "Convert to Application" ;

      Let's say that Our web folder on LOCALHOST
      where we have web.config, asmx and aspx files is called SOFTY ;
      IIS : Right click on SOFTY folder, and then "Convert to Application"

      Simple Web Service ASMX , ASPX , web.config :
      source code

      European Union kills EULA ?

      There's a new proposal for a directive on consumer rights in the EU, :
      Digital goods ( software )  are defined as goods that are like bread , butter or milk ... 
      In other words, EULA  could be a worthless piece of paper.
      Surprise - BSA is not happy about this ;
      I am !

      Nokia , Intel , Microsoft , Qt , MeeGo , WP7 , Webkit & Digia

      Digia acquire Qt commercial licensing business from Nokia
      Digia working to grow the Qt community
      Nokia Sells Open Source Qt

      It seems that Nokia does not want to develop anymore the Qt platform ... 
      My question is why  Intel don't just buy Qt ?
      One reason might be that Microsoft wants Nokia with Qt !
      For Microsoft is not enough just Mono ...
      They want another trojan horse into open - source ?

      "These professional services are not core business activities for Nokia, so since the introduction of the LGPL license for Qt in 2009 we have been actively working to grow the number of companies providing Qt services," explains Nokia's Sebastian Nystrom, head of MeeGo, Qt, and Webkit, "In 2010 we began the search for a company we could work with to serve the commercial licensees in the Qt community."

      Nokia : une nouvelle tête pour relancer MeeGo

       ... As an experimental OS at Nokia, MeeGo can remain on stand-by and who wants to
      root the windows phone to be able to install the linux based MeeGo ...
        And who knows, if Microsoft kills WP7 , nokia can return to Intel ... 







      Bad news for Microsoft -- Nokia transition to Windows Phone 7 will take two years

       ... but that may be too late for WP7 

      Nokia can't migrate its entire product line to WP7 . The press release announcing the deal also contained news of a new operating structure within Nokia. One division would concentrate on "smart phones," while another would continue with "feature phones."
       Nokia do say that their intent is to eventually move their entire user base to smart phones. But let's face it: that is not a realistic goal . Many people in this world either cannot afford, or simply do not want, a "smart phone" . Somebody -- probably Nokia -- will be selling tens of millions of relatively dumb and cheap 'feature phones' . These are going to be so cheap that their price will not bear the cost of a Windows Phone license...

      So if Nokia does drop Symbian (to save R&D) they will adopt something else (like Android) for their simple and cheap feature phones

      Doomed By The Desire For Control?

      There's plenty of talk about how Nokia's embrace of Microsoft's Windows Phone has doomed Nokia. But has Nokia's embrace actually doomed Windows Phone?

      and Microsoft intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer consumers, operators and developers unrivalled choice and opportunity.

      But by creating a special relationship with Microsoft, where Nokia has rights to influence the Windows Phone platform in ways others do not and are unlikely to be able to negotiate, Microsoft has ensured that other phone manufacturers will be cautious about using the same technology rather than a platform like Android where a much more open environment exists. Why would any other manufacturer want to use a platform where they play junior partner to "a broad strategic partnership"?


      Blogger - Vertical Scroll Box


        Horizontal Scroll Box on Blogger ?

      [WebMethod(Description = "Method to obtain Assigned Products - produse listate - to Clients by Zone or by Name ; default = BELEIU, CENTRAL, HYPERMARCHE")]
      public AssignedProduct[] ReturnAssignedProducts(string theZone, string theAgent, string theClient)
          SqlConnection dbConn = new SqlConnection(connStr);
          string sqlSelect = " ";
          // string sqlSelect1 = " ";
          if (theZone.Equals("") && theAgent.Equals("") && theClient.Equals(""))
              sqlSelect =
                              " SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT MAX(dbo.PersoanaFizica.Nume) AS AgentName, MAX(dbo.PersoanaFizica.Prenume) AS AgentSurname, MAX(dbo.Zona.Denumire) AS AgentZone, "
                            + " MAX(dbo.Persoana.Denumire) AS ClientName , MAX(dbo.DocumentDetalii.ProdusID) AS ProductID, dbo.Produs.Denumire as ProductName, MAX(dbo.Document.Control) as LastOrder"
                            + " FROM         dbo.[Document] INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.PersoanaFizica ON dbo.[Document].Utilizator_ID = dbo.PersoanaFizica.PersoanaFizica_ID INNER JOIN"
                            + " dbo.Persoana ON dbo.[Document].Persoana_ID = dbo.Persoana.PersoanaID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Comanda ON dbo.[Document].DocumentID = dbo.Comanda.Comanda_ID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Utilizator ON dbo.[Document].Utilizator_ID = dbo.Utilizator.UtilizatorID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Zona ON dbo.Utilizator.ZonaID = dbo.Zona.Id INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.DocumentDetalii ON dbo.[Document].DocumentID = dbo.DocumentDetalii.DocumentID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Produs ON dbo.DocumentDetalii.ProdusID = dbo.Produs.ProdusID "
                            + " WHERE     (dbo.Zona.Denumire LIKE '%CENTRAL%') AND (dbo.PersoanaFizica.Nume LIKE '%BELEIU%') AND (dbo.Persoana.Denumire LIKE '%HYPERMARCHE%') "
                            + " GROUP BY dbo.Produs.Denumire "
                            + " ORDER BY dbo.Produs.Denumire "
          else if ( theZone.Equals("") && theAgent.Equals("") && !theClient.Equals(""))
              sqlSelect =
                              " SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT MAX(dbo.PersoanaFizica.Nume) AS AgentName, MAX(dbo.PersoanaFizica.Prenume) AS AgentSurname, MAX(dbo.Zona.Denumire) AS AgentZone, "
                            + " MAX(dbo.Persoana.Denumire) AS ClientName , MAX(dbo.DocumentDetalii.ProdusID) AS ProductID, dbo.Produs.Denumire as ProductName, MAX(dbo.Document.Control) as LastOrder"
                            + " FROM         dbo.[Document] INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.PersoanaFizica ON dbo.[Document].Utilizator_ID = dbo.PersoanaFizica.PersoanaFizica_ID INNER JOIN"
                            + " dbo.Persoana ON dbo.[Document].Persoana_ID = dbo.Persoana.PersoanaID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Comanda ON dbo.[Document].DocumentID = dbo.Comanda.Comanda_ID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Utilizator ON dbo.[Document].Utilizator_ID = dbo.Utilizator.UtilizatorID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Zona ON dbo.Utilizator.ZonaID = dbo.Zona.Id INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.DocumentDetalii ON dbo.[Document].DocumentID = dbo.DocumentDetalii.DocumentID INNER JOIN "
                            + " dbo.Produs ON dbo.DocumentDetalii.ProdusID = dbo.Produs.ProdusID "
                            + " WHERE (dbo.Zona.Denumire LIKE '%CENTRAL%') AND (dbo.PersoanaFizica.Nume LIKE '%BELEIU%') AND (dbo.Persoana.Denumire LIKE '%" + theClient  + "%') "
                            + " GROUP BY dbo.Produs.Denumire "
                            + " ORDER BY dbo.Produs.Denumire "


          SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlSelect, dbConn);
          DataTable dt = new DataTable();
          SqlCommand dbCommand = new SqlCommand(sqlSelect, dbConn);
          List list = new List();
          foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
              AssignedProduct target = new AssignedProduct();
              target.AgentName = row["AgentName"].ToString();
              target.AgentSurname = row["AgentSurname"].ToString();
              target.AgentZone = row["AgentZone"].ToString();
              target.ClientName = row["ClientName"].ToString();
              target.ProductName = row["ProductName"].ToString();
              target.ProductID = row["ProductID"].ToString();
              target.LastOrder = row["LastOrder"].ToString();
          return list.ToArray();

      Monday, March 7, 2011

      Say good-bye to H.264 !

      Say good-bye to Flash, but is HTML5 winning?

      Let's see the facts :
      • Apple loves HTML5 and H.264, but hates Flash.
      • Microsoft loves HTML5 and H.264 -- even declaring H.264 the default codec in Internet Explorer 9 -- and tolerates Flash.
      • Apple and Microsoft belong to a patent pool known as MPEG-LA that licenses the code for H.264. Google would have to pay to support H.264.
      • Firefox loves HTML5, tolerates Flash, supports WebM, but can't afford to pay the royalties for H.264.
      • Google loves HTML5 and WebM, builds Flash into its browser, but hates H.264.
      • Google may (or may not) hold royalty-free patents to WebM.

      My conclusion ?
         I, for one,
         will celebrate the day the Web becomes H264-free,
         if it happens this century.

        Thursday, March 3, 2011

        Splashtop: Linux next to Windows


        If you’re tired of waiting for Google’s Chrome operating system and want something that’s like it but you can probably run on your existing hardware, Splashtop is for you. Also, if you’re a Windows user that just needs a quick way to get on the Web, give it a try. I think you’ll like it, even if you’ve never had any interest in Linux.

        Security Basics : Free Antivirus Software


           The most popular free Windows antivirus programs are : AVG , Avira and Avast ;
        In terms of price-performance , they are the best !
        Many people think that if something is free then is must to be worthless;
        It's not the case with anti-viruses, because the business model is free for home use
        and paid for enterprise. The anti-virus vendors knows that the piracy is high on the
        consumer side, and if you can't make money on this side, at least make a little bit of marketing ...

        . . .

           There are lots of paid antivirus programs out there such as Norton AntiVirus; Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and McAfee AntiVirus Plus, but there are lots of good, free antivirus programs out there as well.

        Full security suites : BitDefender Total Security 2011; Kaspersky Internet Security 2011; ZoneAlarm Extreme Technology.

        Beside the security programs above there are other top-rated Internet security suites.
        Also reliable tests are made by AV-Comparatives.org and ICSA Labs.