Monday, April 25, 2011

INCEPTION : Microsoft must KILL Windows

   In the INCEPTION movie, an idea is transmitted via dreaming ;
In my case I consider INCEPTION , a kind of idea ( for Microsoft , Google, Apple and Oracle )
transmitted via blogging ;

   Considering  the fact  that tablets will be the future, business included, Ballmer & Co must
decide if they will release a version of MS Office for Android and iOS ; If  not , it could be other
contender - could be LO - that will bring full DOCx, XLSx and PPTx compatibility on ANDROID Tablets .
In this case , LO ( or OO ) can win the hearts of the businessmen and will be a strong alternative to MS Office .
   Next step ?
   Many casual enterprise laptops will be replaced with Android Tablets ...
   In the end, Android ( like HP WebOS) being able to RUN on laptops and desktops, Microsoft will loose
both Office and Windows cash cows ( in the meaning of market dominance)  ...

If Microsoft will make Office for Android and iOS , they will loose only the Windows cash-cow;
Anyway,  with only one move , Apple can destroy Windows :
making OS X available on non Apple Hardware (when they will have their own processors) .
If Apple will be sure that a MAC with a proprietary processor will be more powerful than competition,
they will eventually license Mac OS or iOS to others ...


  1. I kept reading this nonsense for over twenty years now.
    Yes, all you know the light, MS doesn't...
    How superficially thoughts you have