Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AVD hardware settings - keyboard

   After updating Eclipse ( Help Menu -> Check for Updates ) ,
running and debugging my application in the Android Virtual Device (AVD) was a nightmare :
   I couldn't use the computer keyboard anymore to enter data in my Android app;
( AVD's keyboard wasn't QWERTY ) ; Entering one digit number took 4 or 5 mouse-clicks :-(



After adding hardware keyboard support , problem solved :
Hardware property = "Keyboard Support"
Value = "yes"

Hardware options

If you are creating a new AVD, you can specify the following hardware options for the AVD to emulate:
Device ram sizeThe amount of physical RAM on the device, in megabytes. Default value is "96".hw.ramSize
Touch-screen supportWhether there is a touch screen or not on the device. Default value is "yes".hw.touchScreen
Trackball supportWhether there is a trackball on the device. Default value is "yes".hw.trackBall
Keyboard supportWhether the device has a QWERTY keyboard. Default value is "yes".hw.keyboard
DPad supportWhether the device has DPad keys. Default value is "yes".hw.dPad
GSM modem supportWhether there is a GSM modem in the device. Default value is "yes".hw.gsmModem
Camera supportWhether the device has a camera. Default value is "no".hw.camera
Maximum horizontal camera pixelsDefault value is "640".hw.camera.maxHorizontalPixels
Maximum vertical camera pixelsDefault value is "480".hw.camera.maxVerticalPixels
GPS supportWhether there is a GPS in the device. Default value is "yes".hw.gps
Battery supportWhether the device can run on a battery. Default value is "yes".hw.battery
AccelerometerWhether there is an accelerometer in the device. Default value is "yes".hw.accelerometer
Audio recording supportWhether the device can record audio. Default value is "yes".hw.audioInput
Audio playback supportWhether the device can play audio. Default value is "yes".hw.audioOutput
SD Card supportWhether the device supports insertion/removal of virtual SD Cards. Default value is "yes".hw.sdCard
Cache partition supportWhether we use a /cache partition on the device. Default value is "yes".disk.cachePartition
Cache partition sizeDefault value is "66MB".disk.cachePartition.size
Abstracted LCD densitySets the generalized density characteristic used by the AVD's screen. Default value is "160".

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