Thursday, March 10, 2011


WP7 : Still no update

WP7 is not Android : there are people still waiting on froyo !
 ... and Honeycomb isn’t even in 1% of devices ...
But on Android one can root the phone and get the latest and greatest version of Android .

When Microsoft dropped Windows Mobile they dropped the ball 
with POST-PC ERA !

One might ask himself :
If PC ERA is over,  how will the enterprise and businesses do their work?
Only by tablets and smartphones?  

 - Well it's a way of speaking , as the time goes by ,  people will be more
and more comfortable with the tablet and smartphone software ; 
HP is the first one that will have the same software (WebOS) in smartphones, tablets,
laptops, desktops and even printers !

In the "Classified - For official use only" secrecy level - only Android
seems to be a contender :

Merkel-Phone: Bekommt die Kanzlerin ein Android-Handy?

Merkel-phone: the Chancellor gets an Android phone?

 ~ ~ ~

Has Microsoft dropped the ball with Windows Phone 7?
The Post-PC Era Is Already Here

La fragmentation Android n’inquiète pas Motorola
Windows Phone 7 semble décoller en Europe

Microsoft is bricking their customer's WP7 phones ; Businesses can't afford the amateurish, careless, and unremediable bricking of their phones. Any business that buys Windows Phone 7 is committing suicide. Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 should not be associated with the enterprise in any way at all.


Windows Phone 7 update FAIL: Restoration error C101002E 81080080

 ... the comedy of errors ...

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