Friday, May 20, 2011

IBM greater than Microsoft

IBM Worth More Than Microsoft ?

For one brief, shining moment , IBM passed Microsoft  in stock-market capitalization. The folks at IBM have been keeping score ever since Mister Softy surpassed Big Blue as the biggest of the tech behemoths nearly 20 years ago.

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Microsoft's biggest mobile money-maker is Android, not Windows Phone 7

Beginning of the end for Microsoft's Ballmer?

Plenty has gone wrong on Ballmer's watch --- Google became dominant on the Internet and mobile. Microsoft has become reliant on yesterday's technology ... 

FOR ITS PART, IBM IS ONE of the few pioneering computer companies to survive the transition from mainframes and mini-computers to the client-server era, which has been dominated by Microsoft and its Windows and Office software. IBM toiled in low-margin personal-computer hardware, while Gates & Co. profited from Microsoft's ubiquitous operating system. IBM eventually sold its PC business to China's Lenovo, increased investments in enterprise servers and storage and expanded heavily into higher-margin software and consulting services.

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