Thursday, May 19, 2011

LUBUNTU - New Ubuntu Family Member

It's official: Lubuntu is an official Ubuntu derivative
and is mainly geared toward low-memory computers .  

Get Lubuntu 11.04

Learn about and discuss the Applications and Other Features included with Lubuntu!
Please read the release notes before you install.


Please use the torrent download when possible to save our servers from being hammered on a release. The torrent should download faster than using the link below.
OR from here

I always have around an old computer : a Pentium II  @ 333MHz with 256 MB RAM ;
When I have some free time , on this machine , I test different Linux distros to see if they 
perform better than freeBSD . 
I still hope that some day I will be surprised by a new 
derivative of Ubuntu or Fedora ...  

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