Monday, March 28, 2011

Eclipse 3.7 Indigo - WindowBuilder

EclipseCon heralds new day for Java

You may program in C or C++.
But we're exposing everything as RESTful APIs,
so you can use any programming language you're familiar with."

Eclipse rekindles Java relationship

Due out on June 22, Indigo, or Eclipse 3.7, is slated to feature early access to the Java 7 platform's language features, such as Project Coin small language enhancements. These features would work with Eclipse Java editing tools. Also, Java tools in Indigo include WindowBuilder, which is a GUI tool designed by Instantiations; EGit 1.0, for connecting from the Eclipse workbench to the Git distribution control system, and better Maven tools, for initiating Maven builds from within the workbench. Other technologies planned for Indigo include the Eclipse IDE 3.7 and Standard Widget Toolkit 3.7.

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