Monday, March 7, 2011

Say good-bye to H.264 !

Say good-bye to Flash, but is HTML5 winning?

Let's see the facts :
  • Apple loves HTML5 and H.264, but hates Flash.
  • Microsoft loves HTML5 and H.264 -- even declaring H.264 the default codec in Internet Explorer 9 -- and tolerates Flash.
  • Apple and Microsoft belong to a patent pool known as MPEG-LA that licenses the code for H.264. Google would have to pay to support H.264.
  • Firefox loves HTML5, tolerates Flash, supports WebM, but can't afford to pay the royalties for H.264.
  • Google loves HTML5 and WebM, builds Flash into its browser, but hates H.264.
  • Google may (or may not) hold royalty-free patents to WebM.

My conclusion ?
     I, for one,
     will celebrate the day the Web becomes H264-free,
     if it happens this century.

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