Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nokia , Intel , Microsoft , Qt , MeeGo , WP7 , Webkit & Digia

Digia acquire Qt commercial licensing business from Nokia
Digia working to grow the Qt community
Nokia Sells Open Source Qt

It seems that Nokia does not want to develop anymore the Qt platform ... 
My question is why  Intel don't just buy Qt ?
One reason might be that Microsoft wants Nokia with Qt !
For Microsoft is not enough just Mono ...
They want another trojan horse into open - source ?

"These professional services are not core business activities for Nokia, so since the introduction of the LGPL license for Qt in 2009 we have been actively working to grow the number of companies providing Qt services," explains Nokia's Sebastian Nystrom, head of MeeGo, Qt, and Webkit, "In 2010 we began the search for a company we could work with to serve the commercial licensees in the Qt community."

Nokia : une nouvelle tĂȘte pour relancer MeeGo

 ... As an experimental OS at Nokia, MeeGo can remain on stand-by and who wants to
root the windows phone to be able to install the linux based MeeGo ...
  And who knows, if Microsoft kills WP7 , nokia can return to Intel ... 







Bad news for Microsoft -- Nokia transition to Windows Phone 7 will take two years

 ... but that may be too late for WP7 

Nokia can't migrate its entire product line to WP7 . The press release announcing the deal also contained news of a new operating structure within Nokia. One division would concentrate on "smart phones," while another would continue with "feature phones."
 Nokia do say that their intent is to eventually move their entire user base to smart phones. But let's face it: that is not a realistic goal . Many people in this world either cannot afford, or simply do not want, a "smart phone" . Somebody -- probably Nokia -- will be selling tens of millions of relatively dumb and cheap 'feature phones' . These are going to be so cheap that their price will not bear the cost of a Windows Phone license...

So if Nokia does drop Symbian (to save R&D) they will adopt something else (like Android) for their simple and cheap feature phones

Doomed By The Desire For Control?

There's plenty of talk about how Nokia's embrace of Microsoft's Windows Phone has doomed Nokia. But has Nokia's embrace actually doomed Windows Phone?

and Microsoft intend to jointly create market-leading mobile products and services designed to offer consumers, operators and developers unrivalled choice and opportunity.

But by creating a special relationship with Microsoft, where Nokia has rights to influence the Windows Phone platform in ways others do not and are unlikely to be able to negotiate, Microsoft has ensured that other phone manufacturers will be cautious about using the same technology rather than a platform like Android where a much more open environment exists. Why would any other manufacturer want to use a platform where they play junior partner to "a broad strategic partnership"?


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