Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ORA-WORA and ADF Mobile

ORAcle and "Write Once Run Anywhere"

Of course, in practice, WORA  has always been "write once, TEST everywhere"
you intended to deploy your chosen application.

   The Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile Client
is an extension of Oracle ADF and can be used to design applications
for Blackberries and smartphones with Windows Mobile ...

... but Microsoft no longer develops Windows Mobile ...

Why not making peace with Google and create ADF Mobile Client for Android
and everybody will be happy !

Google has taken the mobile market by storm with ANDROID
which will become THE mobile development platform in the near future ...

ORACLE should propose a deal to GOOGLE with this IDEEA :
 - Do not export DALVIK to other mobile operating systems and
we will drop the Java lawsuit 

Oracle announces mobile app development tools

 The software is designed to work with the Oracle Fusion framework but can also be used with other web services, Oracle said.


Does Write Once Run Anywhere Work?

" Write Once, Run Anywhere, a slogan created by Sun to evangelize the virtues of the Java Platform, is a controversial approach to software development.  Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) is accomplished through an abstraction layer between the 'compiled code' and the operating system and processor.  This abstraction usually takes the form of a Virtual Machine or Runtime, such as the Java Virtual Machine  ( JVM ) Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR), Flash Player (or Air runtime) "

Mobile Application Development with Oracle ADF Mobile

(New) Demo: Getting Started with ADF Mobile Client

"The developers have pretty much the same experience they would have if they were building JSF Web applications, including WYSYWIG page editors, components they can bring onto the page, declarative date binding and expression language, but instead of building out a Web page, they've building out a metadata definition for a native user interface on the mobile device."

#jdeveloper , #ADF , #mobiledev

"Based on the same programming paradigm as Java Server Faces (JSF), Oracle ADF Mobile Client delivers a highly productive, declarative development environment where the developer can work with a mix of visual editing tools and Java code to define a device-independent representation of the application."

Oracle first announced the mobile client in October 2009, and issued a technical preview in April 2010.

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